Osteoarthritis Special Interest Group (OA SIG)

The ANZMUSC Osteoarthritis Special Interest Group (OA SIG) is the first Special Interest Group within the ANZMUSC Clinical Trials Network. The OA SIG comprises a group of ANZMUSC members with a common interest in advancing research and conducting high quality clinical trials within the area of osteoarthritis.


The OA SIG has been established to

  • Provide a forum for communication, networking, information sharing and collaboration for clinical researchers working in the field of osteoarthritis
  • Support the missions of ANZMUSC and its Scientific Advisory Committee in the field of osteoarthritis (eg. providing expert content review of clinical trial proposals and/or grants, priority setting)
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of high quality clinical research in osteoarthritis
  • Contribute to mentoring of early career researchers in the field of osteoarthritis to increase  research capacity in Australia and New Zealand
  • Contribute to activities and initiatives that help to raise awareness, inform policy, and educate in the field of osteoarthritis

For details on the OA SIG Terms of reference please click here


The OA SIG Steering committee is responsible for the administration and coordination of activities within the SIG.  The OA SIG steering committee will report to the ANZMUSC Executive Committee which has overall responsibility for coordinating all the activities of the ANZMUSC clinical trials network. The OA SIG Steering Committee is co-chaired by Prof Kim Bennell and Prof David Hunter. Prof Rana Hinman, OA SIG steering committee member is the OA SIG representative on the ANZMUSC Executive Committee.

ANZMUSC OA SIG membership

Membership in the ANZMUSC OA SIG is free and available to all members of the ANZMUSC clinical trials network upon initial registration or through logging in and completing this form.